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Answers to most dive-related medical questions can be found in the below links:

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Frequently Asked Dive Medical Problems

A-Z of Dive Medical Problems for Scuba Divers

An A - Z of Dive medical problems for scuba divers. more information about the A-Z of Dive Medical Problems for Scuba Divers »

Travel Medicine for divers

Together with E-Med, the online medicine consultants, London Diving Chamber provides scuba divers with a number of useful travel medicine services. more information about travel medicine for divers »

Contact the London Diving Chamber

Please feel free to contact us to obtain advice:

  • We are happy to give phone advice on any dive medicine issue.
  • If you need to see an LDC doctor as you are concerned about DCS there is no charge.
  • Call 0207 806 4028 for an appointment or advice.
  • In Emergencies, please call our 24hr number on 07940 353 816.

Or contact us by filling in our

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