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The LDC Team, London Diving Chamber Staff

Dr Oliver Firth - Medical Director

Dr Oliver FirthDr Oliver Firth has gained considerable experience in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine since joining LDC in 2006. He is an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers for the UK Health and Safety Executive, and a medical referee for the UK Sport Diving Medical Committee. He is involved in the management of all types of diving-related illness, including recompression treatment, as well as providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for non-diving conditions. He holds the post of Honorary Lecturer at University College London and regularly gives talks on all aspects of diving and hyperbaric medicine to doctors, physiology students and local dive clubs. He has recently contributed a monograph on decompression illness and barotrauma to a new electronic reference textbook published by the British Medical Journal.

Oli remains a passionate diver and has participated in various expeditions and conservation projects throughout the globe. He also enjoys cycling, snowboarding and running the occasional marathon.


Dr Mark Downs - Hyperbaric Doctor

Dr Mark DownsDr Mark Downs has been performing dive medicals for over 10 years, including HSE medicals and OGUK offshore medicals, making him a much-valued member of the LDC medical team.

A keen diver himself, Mark is currently the most active subaquatic member of the team, fitting in an impressive 40 plus dives a year in the UK. However when his GP and hyperbaric medicine work does not confine him to these blustery shores, Mark can be found visiting his favourite dive locations around the world including the Galapagos Islands, Chuuk Lagoon and the Russian Arctic White Sea.


Simon Wilson - Managing Director

Simon WilsonSimon has been involved in the diving industry for over eighteen years and has a background of commercial diving as well as being a qualified recreational Scuba instructor. After spending many years supervising and managing operations at coastal and London-based recompression chambers, Simon is now the Managing Director of both the London and Midlands Diving Chambers; a position he has held since 2004.

Most likely to talk about in chamber:  Diving; DCI &physiology; how he once spent time in the chamber with Miss World.


Bill - Chamber Manager

Bill BorthwickBill heard the raptures of the deep calling and after Divemastering on boats out of Cairns for six months, he joined the RAN as a Clearance Diver. After six years of government matrimony, the lucrative saturation industry called. Additionally, Bill is a recreational Scuba instructor, Diver Medic Technician, and is also Director of LDC-Training, a diver training facility which runs a number of courses including an IMCA approved DMT and the Emergency Scuba Medic course.

Most likely to talk about in the chamber: Anything and everything, if he doesn't know, he will make something up; modern dance.


Ian - Chamber Supervisor

Ian HughesYes.... Ian is an actual BRITISH person. He trained as a Registered Nurse & spent many years working for the government both in NHS & Military and is now highly experienced in Critical Care & Trauma. Ian then decided to see the world, after seeing far too many deserts & gap year backpackers the call of the blue led to him working as a Dive Master in Australia's Queensland where he had hyperbaric experience at Townsville hospital. Ian is also the Educational Director of LDC-Training, which offers an IMCA approved DMT course, along with the HSE First Aid qualification and the Emergency Scuba Medic course.

Most likely to talk about in the chamber: His cherished wheel trim & shell suit collection.


Pam Brick - Hyperbaric Nurse

Pam BrickPam is a Registered Nurse. She is from the Emerald Isle of Ireland where she trained in Dublin City University for her BSc in General Nursing. She has spent many years in the NHS specialising in renal nursing. She discovered her love of diving exploring south east Asia some years ago and this enticed her into the world of hyperbaric medicine making her the most recent addition to the team.


Vicky Brown - Marketing and Communications Manager

Vicky BrownA keen diver and cyclist, Vicky is now based back in the UK after many years exploring the snowiest peaks and deepest green seas. When she's not teaching PADI and BSAC courses, she can be found safety diving or HSE contracting and happily spends most her spare moments underwater.

After her first dive 19 years ago, she was hooked, lined and sank and hasn't looked back from 100m deep under the sea.

Most likely to talk about in the chamber: diving without taking a breath for the whole treatment time in the chamber.

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