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BSAC Scuba Dive Medicals by the London Diving Chamber

You will need a BSAC medical with a diving doctor approved by BSAC if:

  • You tick YES to any of the questions on the self-certification BSAC medical form
  • You have had a DCI (bend) treated since you last were certified to dive
  • Your health has worsenened recently
  • There have been any fitness concerns after your last dive
  • You have started regular medication for a chronic illness
  • NOTE: BSAC intructors / dive leaders do not need HSE medicals like their PADI equivalents, however it is wise to get a dive medical if you are in charge of others underwater

LDC doctors are Appointed Medical Examiners of Divers (AMED) under the Diving At Work Regulations, 1997.

LDC doctors are UKDMC medical referees.

Book your fit to dive medical at LDC now by calling 0207 806 4028 or by filling in this form to request an appointment time.